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It’s Not A Race…

Sometimes does it seem like things are going too fast?  That Halloween was last week, Thanksgiving yesterday, and Christmas is tomorrow?  That it’s all “go go go”?

Well, Scouting is kinda like that, if you let it.  But with all the “run, run, run” you need to take just enough time for the “fun, fun, fun”!

You see, Scouts, we charge hard because it’s FUN to charge hard.  We climb towers, go rappelling, visit the target range, camp, and camp some more, because it’s FUN! And if you think back…  Just a little bit… You won’t remember everything from every thing we do.  But you will remember the FUN.

Scouting isn’t a race.  It’s not about getting your Eagle next week.  It’s about earning your Eagle and having fun mixed in all the way.


Everyone Has Hero Potential

Scouts!  A Minute About Being A Hero…

From what we see in TV Shows, Movies, Video Games, you would think that spotting a Hero would be easy.  Is it?

But TV, and Movies, and Video Games arn’t real!  The reality is that heroes and heroines come in all shapes and sizes, and ages.

Need proof?  How about the fact that in 2011, the Boy Scout of America awarded 13 Honor Medals with Crossed Palms, 31 Honor Medals, and 121 Heroism Awards!  That’s 165 people whose families can point and say “That Scout is My Hero”!

A hero does the right thing at the right time. A hero acts when it really counts. The heroic act is not boastful or flashy.  They don’t make heroic declarations about valor, honor, or great skill.  A hero doesn’t “freak out” when something unexpected happens.  In the middle of a mess they recognize what needs to be done, and they just do it.

Not because it’s heroic.  Not for a medal.  Not for a point on their resume.  They simply do it because it’s the right thing to do, at the right time, to help someone else.

Would you like to know the secret of how to be a hero?  Now pay attention closely.  This is a difficult thing.  A hard thing.  A tough thing.

Be Prepared!

You see, being a hero is simply a matter of being prepared when others arn’t.  To have learned how to tie that sturdy bowline knot.  To be able to lash together a few limbs.  To know basic first aid.  To learn CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver..  To understand where you are and to be able to navigate your way to where you need to be.  To understand when some situation is too dangerous and to back off and not do what you intended to.

All of these things prepare you to possibly be a hero to someone in need. And you can’t be a hero if your not prepared.



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Keep Your Glass Full

Scouts…  You may wonder why we try to stay so busy all the time.  Why there are so many different areas we explore and experience.  We Camp, we learn, we do everything from Camping to Rock Wall Climbing, to Rappelling, to Scoutcraft, to Science – Technology – Engineering, and Math.

It’s because every one of you have more potential than anyone knows.  And only by reaching higher, doing more, experiencing much are you going to find your own potential.

Suppose that you had a glass that was never filled beyond half full. The rest of the glass is wasted potential. You have to fill it twice as often than if filled to capacity. That is a Scout. Many Scouts are a glass that has never been filled to the top. We don’t know just how much they can hold, but I do know that there is a lot more to Scouts than meets the eye..


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