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A Scout is Reverent

This has been a busy month for us. Starting the New Year, getting ready for and having a terrific Klondike, and on Saturday is Merit Badge Acadamy.

In the Bible, in Genesis, it is stated that “On the Seventh Day, God Rested”. Which is kind of how it feels after a whirlwind January for our Troop. New Year, to Preperation, to Klondike to Merit Badge Academy.

And the 12th point of the Scout Law states “A Scout is Reverent”

It’s been a big month. A busy month. And now we have the opportunity to thank our Chartering Organization by attending services with them in their Church. On Sunday, Feb 3rd, we get our own opportunity for “A day of rest” and to honor the Scout Law by showing that truly, “A Scout is Reverent”.

So we’ll meet up on Saturday for Merit Badge Acadamy, and then we’ll see you all on Sunday Morning at the Longbranch Baptist Church to share services and fellowship with our Chartering Organization.

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Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect

Do you know the name of the trophy given to the NFL Superbowl winner each year?

It’s the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Named in honor of the venerable coach of the Green Bay Packers in the early days of the NFL. He is a legendary figure known for his development of modern coaching, individual motivation, and excellent tactical skills.

Coach Lombardi famously stated that “Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect… Perfect Practice Makes Perfect”. Which is another way of saying that simply repeating something over and over isn’t enough. You’ve got to get it right, repeatedly, in practice.

This weekend is our Winter Klondike. You’ve honed your skills in knot tying, First Aid, Scout Knowledge, Lashings, etc., and all of you have done each of the skills needed. We’ve camped together and worked together as Patrols, and as a Troop. This is when we get to put all those pieces together for the first time.

Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect, Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

This is your first event together as a Troop and I don’t expect our Patrols to “win it all”. And, in reality, I don’t really care how we place as individual Patrols, and as a Troop. But what I do care about is that each and every Scout treats this as the equivalent of a football “Full Pads, Full Speed” practice. It’s where we are going to take everything you’ve been working on since last August and put it all together for the first time. It’s time for a Perfect Practice.

So, we’ll see you all tomorrow to head out and have a great weekend of fun with Troops from around the Big Muddy District.

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Jaques Pepin’ is a Scout at Heart

Do you ever watch Jaques Pepin’ on PBS or Create? Watching his blazingly fast knife skills as he goes thru an onion faster than a food processor?

Jaques Pepin’ is a Scout at Heart. Why, you ask?

Watch one of his shows. His TV kitchen is nice, but not completely neat. His knives are at the ready. His spatula, spoons, and ingredients are close at hand. His cutting board is clean and his pots and pans are on the stove ready to go. French Chefs call this Mise-en-place (pronounced in a nearly German way as “miz on plas”). Or, in English, “Everything in place”.

Sound familiar? It’s the Culinary version of Be Prepared.

Jaques Pepin’ also turned down becoming the White House Chef for President Kennedy because (although he had been the Head Chef for three French Presidents) he didn’t think himself worthy. He went to work for Howard Johnson’s for 10 years instead. Then he had restaurants in New York. All before becoming a TV Chef.

Jaques Pepin’ is a Scout at Heart. He’s Prepared. Brave (after a car accident in the early 70s he had a miraculous recovery due in no small part to his refusal to do anything but recover fully). Clean (ever see a Chef with a filthy kitchen). Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly…

Jaques Pepin’ is a Scout at Heart. Just like hundreds, if not thousands, of other people you may see on TV. They don’t get the big headlines like someone who abuses dogs, does drugs, is boastful, or just desperate for a headline. But they’re there. And you can tell the difference between a “poser” and someone who is a Scout at Heart by paying just a little attention to how they do things, and if how they do things shows that they are honoring the Scout Oath and Law in their own lives.

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