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Have Fun and Focus

Scouts, it’s getting to be “Scout Season”.  Where alot of Scout Activities happen all in a row.  Just look at our schedule!

And as we come into the “Scout Season” this is my time to give you a little advice.

Don’t “sweat” the Merit Badges.  Don’t “sweat” the rank advancements.  Be smart about your choices and taking advantage of your opportunities for both Merit Badges and Rank Advancement.  But don’t “sweat” it either.

“Scout Season” is where there is alot of work and opportunity for both Rank Advancement and Merit Badges occurs.   But don’t forget to have a little downtime and funtime planned along with your Merit Badge and Rank Advancement opportunities.

For Summer Camp you will be choosing the Merit Badges you will work on at Camp.  Choose wisely.  Choose Merit Badges that you are interested in AND will help you advance to earning your Eagle.  Choose more than just one or two.  But also make sure you have a little time for yourself as well.  Time to have fun.  Time to play a little ball, take a nap, read a book, play some chess, talk with your fellow Scouts, meet other Scouts from around the Camp.

Have Fun!  Plan for Fun!  And Focus on the Merit Badges you really want and need.

In the end, it’s not who’s sash has the most badges.  It’s the fun, friends, and growth as a Scout you have along the way to being recognized as the Eagles I think you all can be.



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