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Boys need Fun and Adventure.  And Troop 286 fulfills both with our Stair Steps to Adventure approach to to Camping and Field Trips.  Every month Troop 286 packs up, hits the road, and goes on an adventure trip.  These trips are scheduled for the third week of each month.  All year round!  Camping, Fun, and learning that only real-world outdoor camping can provide.  We catagorize our adventures into three levels of adventure and every trip, each month, we strive to combine all three so our Troop always Camps Together using the Patrol Method.

We begin with Micro-Adventures, where boys 11-12 learn to camp, cook, and do short backpack trips. With advancement, they learn to read a compass, purify water, and how to give first aid.  These trips provide the basic skills needed to prepare our Scouts for a lifetime of secure, confident, and fun outdoor experiences.

Mini-Adventures are for boys 12-14 years old. These trips include backpacking excursions, canoe trips, and generally more challenging activities than Micros.  These trips give our Scouts confidence and experience to know that they can do it all and have Fun doing it.

High Adventures, for boys 14-18, is where Troop 286 really stands out. We do annual challenging trips to Philmont, Northern Tier, or the new Summit Bechtel Scouting High Adventure Bases when possible.  Or the closer Ozarks Adventure, Bootheel Adventure, or other nearby locations.

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