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Hello Scouts and Scouters! Big things (as usual) for our…

Hello Scouts and Scouters!

Big things (as usual) for our Scouts! I’ve been told that not all the information is making it home every week. So, here it is! Starting with this weekend and the “I Heart Odessa” Service Project.

The plans are based upon a request from the City of Odessa to clean trash, small limbs, and some small saplings from a rain water drainage ditch located between Golf and West McDowell. This drainageway extends from 5th to 9th street.

Garbage bags have been donated, and the City will be picking up the filled bags for us. Our job is to clean out any trash, small limbs, and (at our discretion) removing any small saplings that obstruct waterflow.

Most of our Scouts WILL NOT BE IN CONTACT WITH THE WATER! However, if your Scout has some rubber boots (Be Prepared) that would be good. And, I have a few extra pairs that can be loaned out if needed.

Our Scouts should dress accordingly, Long Pants, Class B’s, Jacket, Gloves. If a few Scouts can bring along a rake, hoe or, shovel (with last names put on them with permanent marker) that would make the work easier. Of course, our Scouts will need to bring their Water Bottles!

The first round of work is scheduled for Friday, March 18th with “last call” at the CofC at 8:00am. We’ll square away equipment, etc. and head over to start work around 9am.

No School on Friday but many of us have to work. So, If anyone needs to drop off their Scouts before 7am just let me know and I’ll make sure we’re at the CofC earlier! We have three Adult Leaders for Friday and need 5-8 Scouts.

Please let me know if your Scout can help on Friday!

We’re camping Fri Evening at the CofC and will “break camp” around 10am Saturday. There are a ton of projects going on around town so there will be plenty of opportunity for additional community service on Saturday so we’ll go over the details at our Scout Meeting on Thursday nite.

NEXT – Merit Badge University

Our Scouts are all signed up for classes at MBU on April 8-10 and MBU is going to be good! We will need three or four additional Adults for this as our Scouts are going to be spread all over the place with their classes! Please let Michelle or Scott know if you can come camp with us and have a good time at MBU.

Scout Day at the K

On April 10th we’ll be at MBU in Warrensburg… So, our plan is to break camp as early as we can and head back to the CofC to drop off equipment, etc. and head out to Scout Day at the K and catch a Royals Game!

Plant Sale

Two weeks in and Plant Sales are looking good! Our Scouts are starting to really turn in some substantial orders. Please help your Scout learn how to earn and fill up their Scout Account with some Plant Sales! Along the lines of Popcorn, a portion goes into the general fund to cover Merit Badges, Advancements, etc. With the balance going into their Scout Accounts!

Cowboy Shooting is over Labor Day Weekend.

Three days of camping and a ton of physical activity as our Scouts fill and run balloons for the Cowboy Mounted Shooters over Memorial Day Weekend. We’ll be camping at the fairgrounds in Warrensburg. More details to come!

That’s it for now! And, as always, if you have questions, need info, materials, etc. Don’t hesitate to call/txt or email me!

Yours in Scouting


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