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Be Prepared

The Scout Motto, BE PREPARED, means you are always ready to do your duty in body and mind.  And since you never know what’s going to happen in the future, it’s your duty to Be Prepared for anything.

Scouting’s founder, Robert Baden Powell urged all Scouts to be prepared in Body, and Mind.

And being organized.  Knowing what you need to do to Be Prepared requires Planning.  A modification of a common reminder of the importance of Planning is to “Never forget the 6 P’s”…

Prior, Proper Planning Prevents Pee Poor Performance

Being prepared is the critical first step for any outdoor outing. But prior planning is also a critical first step to getting good grades and being successful in school.  For keeping your bedroom clean.  For having the right clothes clean and ready for a Scouting Event, or, Church on Sunday.

The good part about Planning and Being Prepared is that you can start right now and be ahead of 99% of the people you know.  Most people don’t plan and arn’t prepared.  Taking the first step is important in this endeavour.   Don’t make the mistake of procrastination. Plan, prepare, and execute. Don’t make the mistake of putting things off until the last minute, then being disappointed when the result of your poor effort is a poor result.

Some of the best learning experiences we have all had are a result of our own mistakes, failures, or lack of planning.  In other words, not being prepared.  Do a little Prior Proper Planning and Be Prepared, for Life.


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